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Hojai (H.S. Science) | Borpukhuri, Hojai, Assam

KimessOr , 2019 ,

feeling lucky having a student of the college

Shabana yasmin , 2016 , Chemestry major
Nogaon college

proud to be an student of this college👍

Sabnam yasmin , 2017 , B.A english major
D.el.ed student
Murajhar college

We are thought to be strong the day this land gave us the space to place our feet on it. The world will always seem to be harsh and rude on us. But, we have to let the hunter within us get out and hit back to the cruel times which come on our ways towards our goals. We are to be appreciated and criticised and defeated, but what makes us ourself is how we stand again and don't let them reign us. I'm really proud to be a part of Maryam Ajmal Women's College of Science and Technology. Shyma Behum B. A. English

Shyma Begum , 2016 , B. A. (English Honors)
Dibrugarh University

Respected faculties and the management committee, I would like to thank all of you for being a part of my career and guiding me throughout to get globalized and educationally civilized. Being an alumni I do remember the bygone days. We during our academic session between 2007 to 2009 in Maryam ajmal womens clg of science and technology have achieved few milestones and completed many new activities as I remember one of them was...With the vision that developed during the tenure in Maryam ajmal womens college of science and technology I by the grace of Almighty Allah, completed my professional degree(Bachelor of technology) in electronics and communication engineering in 2013. However my vision got more broader within the span of time and I realised that I need to further go on with my professional studies and hence I completed my Master of technology in Digital System and Computer Electronics in 2015 by the grace of Almighty Allah. In the interim I worked as an Assistant Lecturer in a college in Hyderabad for 3 years. Vision is now getting more broader with time and in shaa Allah I have an aim to complete P.hd in near future. Remember me in your Duas always, guide me wherever u feel like, help the needy. Assalamualaikum.

SHELINA BEGUM , 2009 , M.Tech
Anwarul Uloom College, Hyderabad

I am proud to be an Alumni of Mawcst

Imrana Laskar , 2008 , M.Sc (Botany)
M.Sc, B.Ed