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Hojai (H.S. Science) | Borpukhuri, Hojai, Assam

Heartiest welcome to you at Maryam Ajmal Women’s College of Science and Technology!
I am extremely delighted to welcome you to this college. I would like to convey to you the passion and enthusiasm that the students have shown in the college in the preceding years and the labour and pain the teacher and staff have shouldered to deliver their best for the students. We have a strong concentration on the academic and intellectual progress and achievement of the students. We develop and maintain a healthy curriculum modelled in accordance with the scientific curriculum of the Dibrugarh University. The curriculum further goes beyond the dimension of the academic affairs to develop other skills in the students that may become healthy bases for their life later on.
The students study in an intellectually challenged environment and rise up to the level of their target in this college. This can be evidenced by their excellent results in the preceding examinations. This was only possible with the labour and pain that the students, the teachers and, most importantly the parents endured. We cherish the role played by all and specially the parents by having faith in us. It is our surety that we will continue to rise up to your aspiration in the future.
All students are unique; each has an intellectual potentiality. They are the combination of this strength and several areas for improvement. We endeavour to understand these inherent elements in them. This is the fundamental key to discovering and fulfilling their potential that we are continuously striving to strike at.
Once again, welcome you to the college. We grow with you; we grow together